You got the kids, we got the hoops...

Need a fresh idea for a a kids' enrichment program at your school, library or boy/girl scout troop? We haven't met a child that didn't get excited about hula hooping, especially when they get to learn super cool tricks or make an awesome new hula hoop to keep! Hula hooping is fun and healthy...why not try something different to boost attendance at your organization? Spin Happy can make arrangements to accomodate your needs. We are able to teach one day hooping events to weekly or monthly classes or after school programs! Contact us and we can discuss how we can meet all your requirements.  We are booking summer programs now!

Why a hula hoop class?

Hula hooping is an old trend making a huge revival! Adults and children alike all around the country are discovering the magic of creative expression through hula hooping. New tricks and eye popping moves are being invented everyday! Spin Happy Hoop Dance classes teach children a variety of tricks, games and exercises intended to develop balance, hand eye coordination, core strength and cardiovascular endurance. Children will be introduced to basic hooping moves and tricks such as on body and off body hooping, isolations, the vortex, lasso, and the revolving door to name just a few. Bring some variety to your childrens' programs today!

Hoop Crafting!

Children love learning to decorate their own hula hoops. For a nominal fee, Spin Happy can bring a blank hula hoop and materials for each participating child to create the hula hoop of their dreams! Children will be able to practice all the new tricks they have learned in Spin Happy class at home.


Summer Fun

Summer is on its way and soon there will be lots of children that are looking to your organization for some entertainment. Let us help you out! Book us for your special summer kids program before its too late!