Professional instruction is extremely beneficial to the new and blossoming hoop dancer. A professional instructor can guide, make corrections and improve your hoop dance. Learning hoop dance through tutorials on Youtube works for some people, but for others it can be really frustrating because it is difficult to follow a 2 dimensional image of a very 3 dimensional activity. Instead of watching and re-watching those videos, hire a professional Spin Happy instructor to guide you on your hoop journey and to show you new tricks! With instruction and of course practice, you will pick up tricks faster and learn more in a shorter period of time. We offer private lessons, group classes and workshops! (See below). Please check our Events page for upcoming special events, performances, classes and workshops!


Group classes are an excellent platform on which to begin or continue your hoop dance journey. Sometimes, the hardest part of hula hooping is actually doing it in front of other people.  Not only will our professional instructor guide you on your hoop journey, but you will develop a great deal of confidence hooping around others with people who are in the same boat as you! Whether you are looking to learn or just gain confidence hooping around others, you will make friends that share your love of hula hooping! There is nothing like having fun and laughing with friends while hooping it up! Have a group of friends that want to learn? No problem! Just contact us to book a private class today!

If you own a studio and would like to bring the art of hooping to your studio line up, contact us today! Spin Happy instructor, Morgan Leigh, has loads of experience and knowledge to share.

We hope to have a class near you soon!


Spin Happy provides private lessons for our customers that want to learn hoop dance on their time. Private lessons are an excellent way to accelerate your hoop dance education. We also provide private classes for small groups! Please contact us for pricing and to set up your appointment!


Do you have a dance, yoga or fitness studio? Are you looking for something new to do at your school or church? Why not host a hula hoop workshop with Spin Happy Hoop Dance? It's an excellent way to connect with people and attract a new breed of dancers to your studio! Hula hooping is fun to learn and a great way to add some variety to your class line up. It's extremely healthy and burns up to 400 calories an hour! We can provide hula hoop instruction for kids and adults! Contact us today and we can work with you to create a truly special event! 

Please check our Events page for upcoming special events, performances, classes and workshops!


"Morgan at Spin Happy Hoop Dance has taught me everything I know! She inspired me to hula hoop and has really helped my learning process go smoothly. She was able to show me things that helped me to get moving in the hula hoop, so that I could dance and workout right away! She will be my go to hula hoop teacher for life!" ~Ashley S. Maineville, OH
"Morgan is my hula hoop instructor and she is a force of awesomeness! She is the best teacher! If she can teach me tricks, she can teach anyone!" ~Jamie Rodgers of Dancing 4 the Fun of Fit in Milford, OH
"Morgan did a great job taking my daughter's hooping skills to the next level. Morgan taught in a way that my daughter was 100% focused for an hour on her "new talent," which can be a challenge with many 7 year olds. This activity is great for a child that has interest in hooping and has not found her sport." -Molly B. Loveland, OH
"I have learned so much from Morgan and have fallen in love with hula hooping! Morgan is inspiring and a great teacher, so worth every lesson!" -Tori R. Cincinnati, OH