It's all in the hoops!

Anyone can hula hoop, as long as they have the right hoop. Multiple factors go into choosing what hoop is right for you and I suggest test driving a couple to find your perfect hoop. To get the maximum benefit from hula hooping, it is recommended that adults and children alike use a quality dance hoop. Dance hoops are more durable and make all the difference in keeping the hoop spinning. If you have ever used a cheap, dime store hula hoop, you know that it is difficult to keep it spinning. Not to mention cheap hoops do not last long with normal child's play.  Typically I suggest heavier hoops with a larger circumference  for beginner adults or adults looking to use their hoop as a workout tool. Once you begin evolving and developing your hoop practice, you will likely be ready for something lighter with which you can more easily perform tricks. Children's hoops are typically crafted from lighter tubing.  

Custom hoops

Spin Happy can help you decide what hoop will be best for you and will arrange to meet with you to let you test out some hoops before you commit. (I can only meet with clients that live in the Cincinnati area). The resident hula hoop crafter has many years of experience building hoops and will work with you to create a hoop that you will love! Pricing ranges from $15-$40. Check out some of our hoops below. Please contact us to order today. 

Disclaimer: Spin Happy has been making dance hoops for both adults and children alike and has yet to witness a broken hoop. Spin Happy uses a durable poly tubing that has a lot of "give" when it comes to children bending and bouncing hula hoops, but that does not mean that they are unbreakable.